Alfie has a hair cut and tries out his trailer

Alfie has beautiful red hair and he really likes the way it swishes when he walks.  But it does make him feel very hot when the weather gets warm.  So he was quite pleased when he had his hair cut.  It felt a bit strange to start with, but he is getting used it now and it is definitely cooler.  Mckenzie and Cerys both like it, they both said he looks like a teddy bear.

He has also been for a ride in his trailer – a little red carriage that is attaches to Thea’s bike.  The idea is that it will give Alf a rest when his little legs are sore – he only has short  legs and sometimes if he walks too far they ache.

Unfortunately Alfie really isn’t very keen on the whole bike and trailer combo.  And if Alfie doesn’t like something he thinks that everyone should know about it, so he barks a lot and really loudly, whenever he is in it!   You can see the trailer here in the picture and Alfie on the outside – where he is a lot happier.








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